Stratholme Mount Run: Rivendare's Deathcharger Oct 22 2010

This is the second mount run video. Stratholme is a level 60 5-man instance located in Eastern Plaguelands. I go in through the side entrance but you can enter through the front gate, you just have to fight through more undead. The closest flight path for Horde and Alliance players is Light's Hope. The mount has a 1% chance to drop from Baron Rivendare. I've only seen it drop once.

I was going to release a video of the Zul'Gurub mount run but my footage became corrupted and I have to recapture it. I'm going to try and have it done by tomorrow (Sat 23 Oct 2010).

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Stratholme Solo Run Part 2 Oct 25 2009

Stratholme part 2 of 2. Part two deals with Undead Strat (or UD Strat). This portion is occupied by the undead (obviously). In order to get to Baron Rivendare (the final boss) you will need to get the Key to the City from Magistrate Barthilas.

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Stratholme Solo Run Part 1 Oct 25 2009

Stratholme part 1 of 2. Part one deals with Scarlet Strat, the portion of Stratholme occupied by the Scarlet Crusade. Stratholme is lots of fun to do as a paladin as so many abilities do extra damage against undead. In order to enter the Crusader's building you will need the Scarlet Key that drops in Scarlet Monastery Library.

Tags: Warcraft Instance Run Solo Stratholme