Caverns of Time: Escape From Durnhold Keep Dec 11 2010

The first instance in the Caverns of Time, Old Hillsbrad has you travelling back in time to rescue Thrall and stop the Infinite Dragonflight from altering history. The Caverns of Time are located in the eastern part of Tanaris, but there is also a portal in Dalaran that will take you there.

This is a level 66-68 dungeon. The final boss is Epoch Hunter.

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Echo Isles: Zalazane's Fall Part 2 Nov 8 2010

This is Zalazane's Fall that was implemented 7 Sep 2010. The event has since been removed from the game with the release of patch 4.0.1. This event is a precursor to changes coming with Cataclysm. You help Vol'jin (leader of the Darkspear Trolls) reclaim the Echo Isles off the south-eastern coast of Durotar. The quest line starts in Sen'jin Village and can be completed by players level 1-80. The actual battle against Zalazane can only be completed by level 75-80.

At the time the event was released my highest horde character was a level 60 Death Knight. I spent the next two weeks leveling him to 75 so I could bring you the second part of the Echo Isles event.

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Maraudon Solo Run Oct 31 2010

I can hear what some of you are saying: "Finally, he's released a video of Maraudon". Yes I have. Sorry for the delay, it was a mix of bad luck and my terrible memory. I had originally recorded Maraudon at the same time I did Dire Maul. Shortly thereafter one of the hard drives in my RAID died and I lost all the footage (that'll teach me not to backup). I recaptured the Dire Maul run but for some reason forgot to do Maraudon again. It wasn't until a couple weeks ago when I got a few comments asking me why I hadn't done a video for Maraudon that I remembered. So here it is after a long delay.

Maraudon is a level 42-48 instance located in south-western Desolace. The entrance can be difficult to find as it is tucked away in the canyons inhabited by a clan of centaur. Once you've found the entrance to the cave things become even more confusing. There are many twisting paths in the cave, many which lead nowhere. There are two actual instance entrances, one amongst the Purple Crystals and the other amongst the Orange Crystals. To get the completion achievement you must defeat Princess Theredras; all other bosses are optional.

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Tempest Keep: The Arcatraz Solo Run Oct 3 2010

This is the third instance in Tempest Keep. Located in western Netherstorm in the Outlands. The Arcatraz is the red coloured ship in the middle. The final boss is Harbinger Skyriss. This is a level 70 instance.

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