The Stonecore Mar 7 2011

The Stonecore is located in Deepholme at the Temple of Earth. It is a level 82-84 dungeon with four bosses: Corborus, Slabhide, Ozruk, and High Priestess Azil. There are also a few tricky trash groups to watch out for.

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Abyssal Maw: Throne of the Tides Jan 25 2011

Throne of the Tides is a level 80-81 five-man dungeon located in Vashj'ir. To get to the entrance you must swim into the giant whirlpool in Abyssal Breach. There are four bosses: Lady Naz'jar, Commander Ulthok, Erunak Stonespeaker, and Ozumat.

Tags: Warcraft Instance Run PUG Cataclysm Throne of the Tides

Blackrock Mountain: Blackrock Caverns Jan 12 2011

I'm skipping the Northrend dungeons for now to get these guides for the new content out quicker, but don't worry, I will be releasing videos for all the Northrend dungeons.

Blackrock Caverns is the first instance of the Cataclysm expansion. Located in Blackrock Mountain on the border of the Burning Steppes and Searing Gorge it is a level 80-83 dungeon. You must have discovered the instance entrance in order to queue for this dungeon using the Random Dungeon Finder, as with all Cataclysm dungeons. There are five bosses: Rom'ogg Bonecrusher, Corla Herald of Twilight, Karsh Steelbender, Beauty, and the final boss is Ascendent Lord Obsidius.

Tags: Warcraft Instance Run PUG Blackrock Caverns Cataclysm