Going for Glory... of the Cataclysm Hero Jan 13 2015

(Recorded from my Twitch stream)

I ran my three accounts through most of the Cataclysm Heroic dungeons to try and complete the "Glory of the Cataclysm Hero" achievement. I want more mounts!

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Achievement Get - Oculus Jan 4 2015

(Recorded from my Twitch stream)

I ran Heroic Oculus to finish some achievements. I ended up getting "Amber Void", "Ruby Void", "Emerald Void". "Make it Count" and "Heroic: The Oculus" on my priest as she hadn't done the instance before.

The void achievements are easy at level 100, you just need to tag the boss and then kill him while not mounted on a drake.

My guild also ended up getting "More Fun With Friends" by completing 100 scenarios in a guild group.

Tags: Multiboxing Oculus Warcraft Achievement

Achievement Get - Share the Love Jan 4 2015

(Recorded from my Twitch stream)

I ran Heroic Gundrak for the "Share the Love" achievement.: "Defeat Gal'darah in Gundrak on Heroic Difficulty and have 5 unique party members get impaled throughout the fight."

We had to wait a while for all five party members to be impaled; there is no way to force the boss to impale one.

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Twitch-Sunwell Plateau Transmog Run Nov 13 2014

(Recorded from my Twitch stream)

Running my Warrior, Paladin, and Priest through Sunwell Plateau for transmog gear. My brother's Draenei Paladin is also on follow.

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