Stormstout Brewery - Dual Boxing Feb 3 2013

I ran through Stormstout Brewery with my paladin and warrior and brought my brother along as well for extra DPS. Stormstout Brewery is the first dungeon in Pandaria and is for level 85-87. There are three bosses: Ook-Ook, Hoptallus, and Yan-Zhu the Uncasked.


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Horde Pandaria Questing-Part 2 Nov 12 2012

More Horde questing. Some of these quests are identical to the Alliance side. Enjoy!

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Horde Pandaria Questing-Part 1 Nov 9 2012

Wait. That's not a dwarf or a gnome. When I used a scroll of resurrection to reactivate my second account a few months, ago Blizzard gave me the option to boost one of my characters instantly to level 80. Since I already had a few high-level alliance characters I decided to boost one of my level 8 goblins. This is the result. Enjoy!

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Dual Pandaren Monk Levelling-Part 2 Nov 6 2012

Here is part 2. I'm debating whether to increase the playback speed in these levelling videos to 200% or to just leave it at normal speed. I'm just worried it's going to take a long time to edit and release the entire levelling series. We'll see.

I started levelling two Pandaren Monks and decided to record the whole thing. The plan is to record every moment of their levelling and release it for you to watch. It's going to take a while.

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