Vortex Pinnacle Dual Boxing Oct 19 2012

I used to be pretty good at dual boxing a Protection Warrior and a Retribution Paladin. The last time I really did it though was over a year ago and with the new expansion a lot has been changed. I haven't really played a Protection Warrior in over a year either. Oh well, that just means I need more practice.

I decided to jump back in to soloing dungeons by not really soloing dungeons. Yes, there are two characters, but I'm playing both of them. For those interested I use ISBoxer to help control the second account, in this case the paladin. ISBoxer lets you map certain keys to only be passed to the second account. For example, I have all the NumPad keys bound to the main action bar on the paladin. This allows me to have the warrior's Warcraft client as the foreground application and press a NumPad key and it is passed to the paladin's client in the background. I'm using a Razer Naga MMOG Laser Gaming Mouse and a Belkin Nostromo Speed Pad n52 to help control the paladin, as well as an attack macro.

There are some people out there that believe (falsely) that because I'm playing more than one character at a time I must be botting (having the computer control the second account). This is not true. For everything the paladin does I have to press a button to make it happen. I use macros (which are part of Warcraft) to make this easier but I still have to control everything he does. I have the warrior set as the paladin's focus and a macro set up to Follow Focus. (/follow focus). I have another, as I said before, to attack the focus' target.

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Halls of Lightning Dual-Boxing Aug 2 2011

Halls of Lightining is a level 79-80 dungeon located in Ulduar in northern Storm Peaks. There are four bosses: General Bjarngrim, Volkhan, Ionar, and Loken. I didn't need to dual-box to finish the dungeon, I can solo it and you can find that video here.

I finally found a way to capture both Warcraft clients and felt like making a dual-boxing video. I've been playing around with different ways of recording my dual-boxing dungeon runs and I think I finally found one that works to my satisfaction. When I first started dual-boxing I used two computers, one for each account. I later got a computer powerful enough to run two Warcraft clients at once and started using Keyclone to broadcast keystrokes to both clients at once. I later switched to IS Boxer and that's what I've been using for almost two years now. The problem with running two clients on the same computer is I haven't found a good way of capturing video from both clients. I've tried many programs and none work to my satisfaction, so I've gone back to dual-boxing on two computers and using Fraps to capture video on each one.

I will be making more dual-boxing videos in the future and hopefully I can find a more interesting way of presenting both captures other than what I have in this video.

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Black Rock Depths-Shadowforge Key Dec 19 2009

I was asked a while ago how to obtain the Shadowforge Key I used in my solo run of Blackrock Depths. While it is possible to run BRD without the key, you have to pass through the same areas you do to get the key, so you might as well pick it up for future use.

This video also introduces one of my alts, Greydraenei (lvl 62 Shaman). Because he's only 62 I didn't feel I could solo this run so I brought along Redwarf to do the heavy lifting. Yes, I have two accounts, I'm that much of a Warcraft nerd. I'm hoping to post some proper dual-boxing videos in the future showcasing both characters instead of just the one like in this video.

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