Black Rock Depths-Shadowforge Key Dec 19 2009

I was asked a while ago how to obtain the Shadowforge Key I used in my solo run of Blackrock Depths. While it is possible to run BRD without the key, you have to pass through the same areas you do to get the key, so you might as well pick it up for future use.

This video also introduces one of my alts, Greydraenei (lvl 62 Shaman). Because he's only 62 I didn't feel I could solo this run so I brought along Redwarf to do the heavy lifting. Yes, I have two accounts, I'm that much of a Warcraft nerd. I'm hoping to post some proper dual-boxing videos in the future showcasing both characters instead of just the one like in this video.

Tags: Warcraft Instance Run Blackrock Depths Dual Boxing

Blackrock Depths Solo Run Jul 30 2009

Blackrock Depths achievement run. In order to follow the route that I took you must already have the Shadowforge Key. I should probably do a video showing how to get that. I doubled the speed of the video through all the trash mobs as they're usually not the interesting bit.

Tags: Warcraft Instance Run Solo Blackrock Depths