Stockades Solo Run Jul 8 2009

This is the second of a number of videos I plan to release in the coming weeks showing how to do quick solo runs of all the lower level instances in World of Warcraft.

The Stormwind Stockade is located in the Alliance capital of Stormwind. It is situated in the canal district bordering the Trade District, the Mage Quarter, The Park, and Cathedral Square. It is a level 21-27 instance and you must be at least level 15 to enter. To get the achievement you must defeat Bazil Thredd who is at the end of the eastern hallway.

Entering the instance you will find a hallway with four rooms, two on a side. At the end of the hall is another room and a hallway heading east as well as another heading west, each with seven more rooms branching off. Most of the mobs are captured Defias Brotherhood members ranging from level 22-24 elite, and they only do melee attacks. The only magic user found in the instance is Hamhock, an ogre shaman, so feel free to use Amplify Magic if you have a mage in your group.

Because this instance is so physically small the mobs are tightly packed and they all run away when their health is low. Be sure to keep them from running away into another group. This can cause a level appropriate group to wipe.

Along with Bazil Thredd there are four other bosses as well as a rare spawn. The first boss you will usually encounter is Targorr the Dread,a level 24 elite Blackrock Orc. His location will vary though he is usually in one of the rooms off the first hallway. Heading down to the end of the west hallway you will find Dextren Ward, a level 25 elite human. You should clear out the rooms around him first as he casts fear that could send party members off into other rooms. Also in the west hallway is the rare spawn Bruegal Ironknuckle, a level 26 elite dwarf who drops some nice gear for level 21+.

Retracing your steps you will enter the east hallway and find Kam Deepfury in a room off to you left. He is a level 25 elite dwarf. Continuing to the end of the hall you will encounter Hamhock, a level 25 elite ogre shaman who casts chain lightning. Past him in the last room is Bazil Thredd, a level 25 elite human. He is a lieutenant of Edwin VanCleef (leader of the Defias Brotherhood) and is the leader of the uprising in the Stockade. Thredd will use a smoke bomb that will stun everyone for 4 seconds. Kill him to complete the achievement.

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Deadmines Solo Run Jul 8 2009

My first WoW IR video: The Deadmines. In this video I do a solo run of The Deadmines (VC, Van Cleef) with Redwarf, my level 80 retribution paladin. The point of doing this is to get the achievement (even though I already had it). Running this instance with a paladin is quite simple as he can take a lot of hits and not only has the Consecrate AOE but also Retribution Aura.

Deadmines is located in Westfall, south of Stormwind. The closest Alliance flight path is Sentinel Hill in Westfall, and the closest Horde flight path is Grom'gol Base Camp in Stranglethorn Vale. The entrance to the instance is located in a barn on the south end of Moonbrook which is south-west of Sentinel Hill. It is a level 17-20 instance and is the first instance most Alliance players will encounter. To get the achievement for The Deadmines you must defeat Edwin VanCleef. He is at the end of the instance on a massive ship that is being built in the Deadmines in preparation for an attack on Stormwind.

As you enter the instance most of the mobs you'll encounter are Defias Miners who have basic melee attacks, Defias Evokers who use ranged fire attacks, and Defias Overseers who do basic ranged attacks. The first boss is Rhahk'zor, an ogre. You will have to defeat him in order to open the door he is guarding. Rhahk'zor has no special abilities and the only thing to watch out for are the two Defias Watchmen flanking him as they are tied to Rhahk'zor. The next boss is Sneed and he is located in the Mast Room. Watch out for the Goblin Woodcarvers in here as they have an Axe Toss attack that will knock you down even at level 80. Before you can kill Sneed you must first disable the goblin shredder he is riding. His shredder will cast fear that can affect higher level players and Sneed will sometimes disarm you. Once Sneed is defeated the door will open and you may proceed to the Golbin Foundry. In here you will encounter Goblin Engineers and the third boss, Gilnid. The goblins will cast a debuff on you that slows your movement and Gilnid has a Molten Metal attack that does fire damage, increases the time between the target's attacks by 54%, and decreases movement speed by 50% for 15 seconds. Defeating Gilnid opens the door to the next section.

In the next section you will see a small room off the the left with a barrel of Defias Gunpowder in it. You will need to pick up the gunpowder as it is needed to open a door. Picking up the gunpowder spawns a Defias Overseer. By picking up the gunpowder you will be able to use the Defias Cannon to open the door to the final room. or if you're a rogue you can pick the lock on the door. The final room is where the massive ship is being built and also where VanCleef is hiding out. It is filled with Defias Pirates, Squallshapers, and Companions. The companions are parrots, have very little health, and do very little damage. The Pirates do basic melee attacks and the Squallshapers use ranged frost attacks. At the bottom of the ramp onto the ship are two stealthed Defias Blackguard and at the top of the ramp is the FIrst Mate Mr. Smite. If he isn't killed quick enough he will stun the party for 10 seconds when he reaches 66% and 33% health. After disatching Smite, board the ship and go around the right side until you reach the scaffolding which leads to the top of the ship. Up top is Captain Greenskin and Edwin VanCleef. VanCleef is guarded by two stealthed Blackguard and will summon more when he reaches 50% and 25% health. Kill VanCleef to complete the achievement.

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