Minecraft Dungeons Playthrough - Episode 1 May 30 2020

Playing through Minecraft Dungeons. No commentary, just game sounds.

Tags: Playthrough Minecraft Dungeons

Lucid Nightmare Mount Run Sep 3 2017

Spent over three hours getting the 'Lucid Nightmare' mount. I was following this guide. The clues are ridiculous. I'm not sure how anyone figured any of this out.

Tags: Warcraft Mount Run

DANGER: Kosumoth the Hungering Dec 3 2016

My brother (Retribution Paladin) and I (Protection Paladin) completing the "DANGER: Kosumoth the Hungering" world quest and getting the "Hungering Claw" pet. Yes, I really suck at being a protection paladin, but we needed a tank.

Tags: Warcraft Legion World Quest

Going for Glory... of the Cataclysm Hero Jan 13 2015

(Recorded from my Twitch stream)

I ran my three accounts through most of the Cataclysm Heroic dungeons to try and complete the "Glory of the Cataclysm Hero" achievement. I want more mounts!

Tags: Multiboxing Warcraft Achievement