Halls of Lightning Heroic - Weirdness Apr 12 2012

I encountered a slight problem while doing a guild run of Halls of Lightning Heroic a couple days ago. In the hallway after the second boss (Volkhan) we were fighting all the mobs at the far end of the hall when I got feared. There's a weird bug in the game (it's been there a long time too) that when you're feared you can run places and up walls you normally can't. This happened to me and I ended up running over a hole in the instance and fell underneath it. I was able to run around for a while but eventually it disconnected me and continued to do so every time I tried logging in. To get my self out of there I had my guild kick me from the group and I waited over an hour then logged back in. By doing this I was reset to the beginning of the instance and able to stay logged in again.


Tags: Halls of Lightning Heroic Bug