Halls of Lightning Dual-Boxing Aug 2 2011

Halls of Lightining is a level 79-80 dungeon located in Ulduar in northern Storm Peaks. There are four bosses: General Bjarngrim, Volkhan, Ionar, and Loken. I didn't need to dual-box to finish the dungeon, I can solo it and you can find that video here.

I finally found a way to capture both Warcraft clients and felt like making a dual-boxing video. I've been playing around with different ways of recording my dual-boxing dungeon runs and I think I finally found one that works to my satisfaction. When I first started dual-boxing I used two computers, one for each account. I later got a computer powerful enough to run two Warcraft clients at once and started using Keyclone to broadcast keystrokes to both clients at once. I later switched to IS Boxer and that's what I've been using for almost two years now. The problem with running two clients on the same computer is I haven't found a good way of capturing video from both clients. I've tried many programs and none work to my satisfaction, so I've gone back to dual-boxing on two computers and using Fraps to capture video on each one.

I will be making more dual-boxing videos in the future and hopefully I can find a more interesting way of presenting both captures other than what I have in this video.

Tags: Warcraft Instance Run Dual Boxing Northrend Halls of Lightning