Vortex Pinnacle Dual Boxing Oct 19 2012

I used to be pretty good at dual boxing a Protection Warrior and a Retribution Paladin. The last time I really did it though was over a year ago and with the new expansion a lot has been changed. I haven't really played a Protection Warrior in over a year either. Oh well, that just means I need more practice.

I decided to jump back in to soloing dungeons by not really soloing dungeons. Yes, there are two characters, but I'm playing both of them. For those interested I use ISBoxer to help control the second account, in this case the paladin. ISBoxer lets you map certain keys to only be passed to the second account. For example, I have all the NumPad keys bound to the main action bar on the paladin. This allows me to have the warrior's Warcraft client as the foreground application and press a NumPad key and it is passed to the paladin's client in the background. I'm using a Razer Naga MMOG Laser Gaming Mouse and a Belkin Nostromo Speed Pad n52 to help control the paladin, as well as an attack macro.

There are some people out there that believe (falsely) that because I'm playing more than one character at a time I must be botting (having the computer control the second account). This is not true. For everything the paladin does I have to press a button to make it happen. I use macros (which are part of Warcraft) to make this easier but I still have to control everything he does. I have the warrior set as the paladin's focus and a macro set up to Follow Focus. (/follow focus). I have another, as I said before, to attack the focus' target.

Tags: Warcraft Instance Run Dual Boxing Cataclysm Vortex Pinnacle