nVidia Surround Gaming - Diablo 3 Sep 17 2012

I've been using three monitors to do surround gaming for over a year now (it was one of the main reasons I went for an SLI setup) and finally got around to making a video of it. I'm using two nVidia Geforce GTX 460 1GB video cards in SLI with three 20-inch monitors turned on their sides (portrait mode). Each monitor is 1050x1680 which would normally give you a combined resolution of 3150x1680. I'm using nVidia's bezel correction setting which draws part of the image behind the monitor bezels so I'm running at a resolution of 3450x1680.

I have run this setup in landscape mode (monitors right way up) at a resolution of 5040x1050 but I find that most games don't handle that extreme width well. Everything looks too stretched. Warcraft, for example, looks terrible with three monitors in landscape, but with three monitors in portrait it looks fantastic. I have some video of a few other games in surround mode that I'll upload later.

Tags: Diablo 3 nVidia Surround